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Winnipeg, MB Friday August 9th, 2019 at 12:12 AM

Beached in Belleriver

Thank you to the two kind hearted guys that helped my husband and family yesterday while on the boat. We are brand new boaters tonight and we decided to take my dad out for a ride. We had some pretty bad luck tonight and and experienced some good learning lessons! First off, we took my daughter tubing and it filled with water and we couldn't get the tube back on the boat. Second, we anchored in Belleriver to eat dinner and the waves started to get really rough. My husband couldn't get the anchor back into the boat as the waters were so rough. These two kind gentlemen, must of seen that we were stuck, came over to our boat in the water, helped pushed the boat out as we were beached and getting closer and closer to the dock. Thank you so much, your help was very much appreciated!

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